Acropolis – Plea against interventions

The Acropolis of Athens, one of the most perfect edifices human genius has ever built, and a World Heritage Site, is being disfigured by the massive use of reinforced concrete.

Join Acropolis SOS to stop this desecration!

“The installation of all these new buildings and interventions would erase any sense of historic unity and continuity, imposing modern forms for which there is no sufficient evidence, while, simultaneously cutting off access to the important archaeological vestiges surviving in situ. It also did not go unnoticed that these new constructions underway, not to mention the future ones, have been implemented by entirely circumventing international and national Greek legal frameworks and institutional standards.”

World Heritage Watch in signing the plea initiated by Prof. Tasos Tanoulas, founder of Acropolis SOS. Find the full plea against interventions here

In order to add your name to the list of signatories, send an email to indicating your full name and position!