Become a Supporting Member!

Our membership is not limited to a certain profile of individuals. Whether you are a professional or student in heritage, a volunteer for an organization or simply a passionate citizen, we are very happy to welcome you as part of this global family and enlarge the network of people keen on preserving our common heritage of humanity.

As a Supporting Member, you will enjoy the following benefits:
  • Join a growing global network of people passionate about World Heritage and engaged in preserving treasured sites

  • You will be invited to our monthly online events, groups and presentations of network organizations about certain topics (e.g. climate change, overtourism etc.)

  • If you are under 27, you will
    – be a registered member of the WHW Youth Network with its own Telegram Group
    – have a chance to join our “close friends” on instagram whereby you will have access to exclusive information such as internship opportunities

The minimum fee for Supporting Members is 50 EUR per year (regular) / 25 EUR per year for

  • people up to 27 years of age

  • pensioners

  • resident citizens of Least Developed Countries

Supporting member