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Support our work by volunteering!

We are always looking for volunteers for different tasks:

  • Translations into and out of English, French, Russian and Spanish;

  • Preparation and execution of events;
    Recruitment of donations.

Please call us: Tel. +49 (30) 2045-3975 or send us an E-mail!

Our volunteers

Sayali Athale

Hello. My name is Sayali Athale, and I am an architect from Pune, India. After a decade in the fast-paced field of construction, I came to the realization that I wanted to slow down and work in the field of conservation rather than construction. To this end, I decided to pursue my masters in World Heritage Studies at Brandenburg University of Technology. Currently in my third semester, I am now eager to begin working on the ground. I was introduced to World Heritage Watch in my first semester and found the work they do to empower local communities to protect their heritage very inspiring. Beginning my foray into heritage conservation with my internship at WHW, I look forward to learning from Mr. Doempke’s vast experience and network.

Zhuo Diao

Hello, my name is Zhuo Diao, I am a master student studying World Heritage Studies at Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg. The reason why I join World Heritage Watch is rather simple: I have been inspired by Stephan’s work and I want to contribute more for the World Heritage like him.
My hobbies are learning from different cultures, doing solo traveling, exploring vintage shops and keeping plants.”