The Stonehenge Alliance is going to court to save Stonehenge

World Heritage Watch is greatly concerned about the potential negative impacts of the planned extension and tunnel of the A303 road on the territory of the Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites World Heritage Site.

These negative impacts have been explained to Her Majesty’s Government in numerous documents and in great detail by UNESCO and its Advisory Body, ICOMOS, as well as other experts.

The Stonehenge Alliance has now taken the UK Transport Minister to court for failing to consider the opinion of archaeological experts that the double carriageway which is to replace the open country road will disfigure the landscape with its iconic view of the site, and the earthworks for the tunnel will irretrievably destroy untold archaeological evidence before it can be studied. The court hearings have been scheduled from 23-25 June.

Help us support the Stonehenge Alliance’s legal challenge!