Current issues

At its 14th extraordinary session, held online on 2 November 2020, the World Heritage Committee has decided to hold an extended 44th session in June/July 2021 in Fuzhou, China. The exact dates will be determined at a later stage by the Chairperson of the Committee in consultation with the Secretariat.

World Heritage Watch will explore the option of holding an International Civil Society Forum immediately prior to the Session of the WH Committee, or as a side event during the Session.


9th International NGO Forum on World Heritage

In conjunction with a meeting of Advisory Bodies of the World Heritage Committee, and in partnership with our network of indigenous peoples’ and civil society organizations, World Heritage Watch is organizing the 9th International NGO Forum on World Heritage in Paris, France, in January 2021

The exact date and venue of the Forum will be announced in due time. Depending on the development of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Forum is likely to be held online in the form of a Zoom Conference.
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9e Forum International des ONG sur le Patrimoine Mondial

Parallèlement à une réunion des Organisations consultatives du Comité du patrimoine mondial, et en partenariat avec notre réseau d’organisations de peuples autochtones et de la société civile, World Heritage Watch organise le 9e Forum International des ONG sur le Patrimoine Mondial à Paris, France, en janvier 2021. Au cours de ce forum seront évoqués le cas de sites du Patrimoine mondial pour lesquels des problèmes de protection et de sauvegarde nécessitent d’être portés à l’attention du Comité du patrimoine mondial et du grand public.

La date exacte et le lieu du Forum seront annoncés en temps voulu. En fonction de l’évolution de la pandémie COVID-19, le Forum se tiendra probablement en ligne sous la forme d’une conférence Zoom.
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9º Foro Internacional de ONGs de Patrimonio Mundial

En conjunto con una reunión de los Órganos Asesores del Comité del Patrimonio Mundial, y en asociación con nuestra red de organizaciones de Pueblos Indígenas y sociedad civil, World Heritage Watch (Observatorio de Patrimonio Mundial) está organizando el 9º Foro Internacional de ONGs de Patrimonio Mundial en París, Francia, en enero de 2021. El Foro discutirá diferentes casos de sitios Patrimonio Mundial en los cuales exista algún tipo de preocupación por su protección y salvaguarda que merezca la atención del Comité del Patrimonio Mundial y del público general.

La fecha exacta y la localización del Foro serán anunciados próximamente. Dependiendo del desarrollo de la pandemia de COVID-19, el Foro podría desarrollarse por medio de Zoom.
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Прием докладов

cовместно с консультативными органами Комитета всемирного наследия и нашим сообществом организаций коренных народов и гражданского общества, ассоциация World Heritage Watch организует 9-й международный Форум НКО по всемирному наследию Париж, Франция, январь 2021 года. О точной дате и месте проведения Форума будет сообщено позднее. В зависимости от развития пандемии COVID-19 Форум, скорее всего, будет проводиться онлайн в формате Zoom-конференции.

На Форуме будут обсуждаться объекты всемирного наследия, которые вызывают озабоченность по поводу их сохранности и на которые следует обратить внимание Комитета всемирного наследия и широкой общественности.

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Introducing Rod Posser

We are happy to introduce Rod Prosser, our representative for the Australia-Pacific Region. He will support us in promoting World Heritage Watch, extending the network, and fundraising. Over time we hope to find more committed individuals who will assume that responsibility in other parts of the world as well.

Rod is a New Zealand film-maker who has been making political documentaries since the 1970s. His New Zealand themes have included Maori sovereignty, environmental education, workers rights and the anti-nuclear movement. While living in Berlin in the 1990s, he made a number of documentaries for German television including films about the interdependent struggles for the environment, indigenous cultures and revolution in the Philippines, the history and culture of Rapanui/Easter Island, and American militarism in the Pacific. For most of his life, Rod has also been involved in solidarity work with peoples of the Third World (especially the Philippines) and has worked with NGOs in NZ and in Germany to support indigenous peoples, biosphere reserves and environmental activism.

Contact Rod Prosser through